About Biennale

Ideal solutions for an ideal home.

We all dream of an ideal home, but everyone has different views about what an “ideal home” is.

That is why Biennale cucine italiane works with leading Italian companies to offer countless combinations for every need and every taste. We believe that the ideal home does not fit compromises, only optimal solutions.

Our main objective at Biennale cucine italiane is to combine aesthetic perfection with ergonomics. Our experienced designers offer the best designs to suit your preferences.

Biennale cucine italiane is a member of Alpan Group, parent company of the Electroline stores. You can get a more complete package of appliances for your home, with the reliability and consistency of service that distinguishes Alpan Group.

Have a look at the inspired designs we suggest or share your ideas for decorating your home. We will be glad to assist you.